About "Firearms" January 5, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

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About "Firearms" January 5, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

Everyone please pay attention so I don't have to go over all this again and again and again?
Here's the facts, folks.
Firearms are never described in the actual law pertaining to Americans --- as opposed to the Municipal Code which some people are mistaking for our Public Law --- which does describe "firearms", and the Territorial Federal Code, which also describes "firearms" in a slightly different context.
What Americans have is the right to keep and bear arms. Our law doesn't say anything about "firearms" at all.
On our own turf, we have the unabridged right to have, keep, bear, and use any kind of armament at all. Rifles, Howitzers, Sling slots, tanks, airplanes, rockets, knives, nail guns, self-propelled grenades, bombs, Molotov cocktails, drones, bb guns, machine guns, throwing axes, whatever. Period.
The Municipal Code, which is foreign law with respect to Americans, defines "firearms". The Territorial Federal Code, which is foreign law with respect to Americans, also defines "firearms".
This is yet another semantic deceit and red-herring that has its roots in the post-Civil War Era when the Capitol City was afraid that US Army Units would use "artillery and small firearms" to stage a take-over. This was later amended in 1933 --- after the glory days of Al Capone --- to "firearms" in the vein of rifles and tommy guns and sawed-off shotguns used by gangsters, and none of it pertains to us at all.
Municipal Code is a separate body of purely "Federal" law that pertains solely to the administration of the Municipality of Washington, DC. Last time I looked, it is about 2800 pages long including definitions and addendums, and costs about $1800 per copy, with the result that most Americans have never even seen a copy of the Municipal Code.
My point is that the Municipal Code was originally intended to prevent artillery and cannons from being brought into Washington, DC, and didn't impact our right to keep and bear "arms" outside the city limits--- a separate topic --- at all. That is why the Municipal Code was allowed to stand, and the reason it still stands.
They get the right to dictate to their own citizenry and to control their own premises, but they can in no way pass legislation affecting our rights on our turf.

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