Organizational Goals for State Assemblies January 5, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

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Organizational Goals for State Assemblies January 5, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

I thought this was perfectly obvious, but I have been convinced by recent events to write it down in black and white so that there is no further confusion.
1. Outreach and Recruitment -- You have to reach out to other Americans and share the information and invite them in. They depend on you, and you depend on them. If you don't tell them and help them, they can't get home to Original Jurisdiction on their own. They don't even know that they have been kidnapped and trafficked on paper, so don't underestimate the danger they are in, nor the urgency of what I am telling you: this is a rescue operation like Dunkirk.

Save your countrymen, so that together, you can save your country.

2. Help people understand and navigate the paperwork and record it.

3. Help people join and participate in the Assembly, either as State Nationals or as State Citizens. Explain the difference so that they can see which group they belong in.

4. Set up the four parts of a State Assembly. (1) Everyone belongs to and participates in the General Assembly, which addresses in-State and local issues. (2) State Citizens additionally serve on the International Business Assembly to decide international issues. (3) Everyone serves as a Juror and is a member of the Jury Pool as part of the Jural Assembly-- again, State Nationals and State Citizens are both eligible to decide cases involving in-State issues, while State Citizens alone hear cases involving international subject matter. (4) Everyone who is fit and between the ages of 21 and 45 is eligible to serve as part of the Assembly Militia.

5. Hold elections for the officers of the General Assembly, International Assembly, the Courts, and the Militia. The Chairman of the General Assembly is the Speaker for the Assembly -- not the President, not the CEO. These are not incorporated entities and have no such hierarchy. Everyone elected to an Assembly Office has a job to do, nothing more or less. The sooner everyone adjusts their attitude to account for this, the better.

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