American Government Basics January 5, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

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American Government Basics January 5, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

People are waking up all over this country, and in the process they are "discovering" things that we encountered, too, often two or three decades ago, and so, were obliged to research for ourselves.

One of those is the difference between "state" and "State". The essential difference from the American perspective is that our "states" control the National Soil Jurisdiction, while our "States" control International and Global Jurisdictions.

From the standpoint of our Federal Subcontractors, the difference is summed up by the Government Printing Office as: the word "state" stands for a foreign government. As all the Federal Subcontractors exist in International or Global Jurisdictions, and our states exist in National Jurisdiction, it follows that our states are, indeed, foreign with respect to them-- foreign in nature and foreign in function.

Our Founders set the "states" apart from the "States" on purpose, as a protective measure, so that their own States were the only access that our nation-states have to International or Global Jurisdiction of any kind.

Otherwise, foreign powers could rely on local misfortunes and weak politicians to deliver our nation-states into their control.

This safeguard prevents our nation-states from being picked off in a piecemeal fashion by foreign governments, similar to the original colonization process in which Britain "owned" some colonies and Spain and France and Holland owned others.

They could then break apart our states and begin a new process of --- in this case, Corporate Feudalism, on a county by county basis.

It must be a great disappointment to the Perpetrators to discover that yes, we do know the difference between a "state" and a "State" and a "State of State" and so, are not deceived by their False Claims in Commerce.

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