Daily Dragons LIVE Podcast Episode | Recorded On 10/7/2020

Published January 5, 2021 96 Views

Rumble The Few - Lilly and Madie Hobbs

“Our greatest fear should not be of failure… but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.” (Francis Chan) We’re afraid of the wrong things – Examples: People’s opinions, getting bad grades in school, not being athletic enough, won’t be good enough for college, etc. We’re more afraid of failing at those things than we are of failing at things in the spiritual realm. The things that actually matter.

Obviously feeling fear is normal, but living in a world of fear isn’t (or it shouldn’t be for a Christian). When you believe that lie, it gives you an excuse not to do brave things.

Fear then becomes our excuse not to do anything that causes us to be brave because we think that everything depends on us, and we’re not willing to risk looking like a failure.

Joseph Pearce once said, “The war against the dragon is not, therefore, a war against a physical monster, like a dinosaur, but a battle against the wickedness we encounter in our everyday lives. We all face our daily dragons and we must all defend ourselves from them and hopefully slay them. The sobering reality is that we must either fight the dragons that we encounter in life or become dragons ourselves.”

The biggest dragon we will ever slay will be the dragon of our own personal fears. When we learn how to slay fear, and successfully do things afraid, only then will we be able to slay our daily dragons. Most of the time the fear that we feel before doing something that actually matters will not cease, so we must learn to do the things that matter, afraid.