Reasons to Believe in God, Jesus, Heaven and Hell

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If you care about what follows this life, and want more than 'blind faith', then this video is for you! This military veteran and Salvation Army church leader shares the logic and rationale behind his belief in God and love of Jesus.
A Christian apologetic which helps think through the following questions under the testimony of 'Why I believe':
Is there a God? How do we know there is a God? Can we trust the Bible? Who is Jesus? Why did Jesus die? Is there a Heaven and a Hell? Am I going to Heaven or Hell? Does God love me? Does God love justice? ...and why should I trust in Jesus.

We have a reason to believe.

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Phil Layton is a follower of Jesus, and a biblical scholar whose love and study of the Bible has been a feature of his ministry as a church leader within The Salvation Army for over 20 years, including time served as a commissioned Chaplain within the military (Royal Air Force), tutor of New Testament Studies at William Booth College, corresponding member of the international doctrine council, and underpinned by his degree in Religious Studies - University of Kent - and his Masters degree in Theology - University of London, Heythrop College.
His love of the Bible is evident in his 3 books, all of which emphasise the truth of the Bible and our ability to trust what it says, and one of which, 'Bible-believing Christians', places a special focus on the reasons why the Bible can be completely trusted, and any apparent difficulties resolved, maintaining that it should be the primary authority for Christian faith and practice. For more on Bible-believing Christians see his other teaching videos on this channel, and visit for more about his book.