Why You Should Care About January 6th

Published January 5, 2021 192 Views

Rumble On January 6th 2021 the US vote certification will likely be objected based on the many irregularities and possible downright fraud in the US 2020 elections.
This should interest any person who lives on this planet and believes in personal liberty, freedom of speech and freedom of movement.
We are now amidst the biggest threat to mankind since WW2 as media outlets, big tech companies and mainstream companies are doing the will of the select few who control the world. It doesn't matter if you're a democrat or a republican, if you're left wing or right wing or downright in the middle of the public spectrum.
This is about freedom and preventing fascist dark totalitarian factions from taking control of the free world!
This is not about Donald Trump personally, this is about him as being the one force who's keeping dark forces from taking control of your life!!!