Government Unfairly Targets Churches for Shutdown | Pastor Brian Gibson | Ep 45

Published January 4, 2021 91 Views

Rumble During Easter, Pastor Brian Gibson planned a drive-through, socially distanced Easter basket handout for the children in his church. He took the necessary precautions to stop any chance of spreading COVID-19. Pastor Brian then received a call from the health department telling him to cancel the event or the health department would come and shut it down for him. Brian looked across the street from his church and saw a liquor store serving drive-through customers. He saw fast-food restaurants serving French fries. Yet his church was being targeted and shut down. Casinos can operate at 50% occupancy, but churches are limited to 50 people. Our First Amendment rights are being violated across the country. Don't miss this episode of Rick & Bubba University with Pastor Brian Gibson, who founded and declared there will be no compromise with allowing government officials to close places of worship or dictate what churches can or can’t do.