Very Important -- Look at China -- and Us January 4, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

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Very Important -- Look at China -- and Us January 4, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

The first thing you have to know about China is that despite the size of the country, most of its population is concentrated on the fertile eastern seaboard and then ranged inland along huge river systems that flow from the interior to the Pacific Ocean.

The soil along the banks of these river systems is incredibly fertile, but like the Nile, a substantial part of that fertility is caused by cycles of flooding that have regularly decimated the cities and populations living along the banks of these rivers as long as memory knows.

Another thing you need to know about China is that relative to its population and manufacturing capacity, it is energy poor. It does not have the abundance of gas and oil that other countries have and has been reliant on low grade soft coal for many decades. They constantly have to import gas and oil to supplement. This energy "imbalance" is a constant concern despite absolutely mammoth efforts to overcome it.

While China has a very long history of migrations into and out of the country and one of the most ethnically varied populations on Earth as a result --- it's ethnic diversity is only rivaled by The United States --- it has a remarkably peaceful overall history for the past 5,000 years, pox-marked by two cataclysmic upheavals--- the Mongol Empire and the People's Revolution.

It should also be noted that China suffered the Boxer Rebellion prior to Chairman Mao's revolution, and that the despicable mistreatment of the Chinese People that gave rise to that revolution was largely the fault of European Commercial Corporations.

They were growing drugs in China to feed the European Opium trade and when business in Europe and America went slack owing to government action against the popular use of the addictive sedative "Laudanum" and other over-the-counter addictive opiates as well as heroin abuse and cocaine use (remember Coca-Cola was originally laced with cocaine), these same greedy profit-seekers started promoting their "products" to the Chinese, spawning a huge drug abuse problem in China and the debasement and death of millions of Chinese people.

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