Antique Split Pea Soup Recipe (Bean Pot)

Published January 4, 2021 21 Views

Rumble Split Pea Soup (1889)
The New Dixie Cook-Book and Practical Housekeeper
Add to the bean pot
1 1/2 cups of split peas
1 carrot diced
1 onion diced
1 celery stalk diced
Any kind of meat (1 cup turkey bacon diced)
1 tbs rice
Dry mint (optional)
For Split Pea Soup, cut three-quarters pound of any kind of meat, odd pieces will do, in dice, always adding a little ham; put in a gallon bean-pot with an onion, carrot, tablespoon rice, and three gills split peas; fill with cold water (or broth), put on cover and bake in oven three hours and a half. (Check soup and add more broth as needed until done) It is an English custom to dry mint and crumble it over the top of pea soup.

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