Trump Doesn’t Have A Fallback Plan – He Has A Plan, 3442

Published January 3, 2021 187 Views

Rumble Good Sunday evening and Happy New Year. I’m Still reporting on the coup.
It seems all the deadlines in this post voting, election scenario are rocketing past with nothing happening.
It’s clear at this point that President’s Trump’s attorneys are only meant to be a distraction, or perhaps serve the purpose of reminding people that the election is in dispute.
It can’t be possible that in the United States of America, voter fraud on a massive scale can be carried out in a presidential election and there is no recourse.
In North Carolina in 2018, one guy fraudulently cast a bunch of absentee ballots and the results were tossed out and a new election held. One guy a couple hundred ballots at most and the returns were thrown out to start over.
In that 2018 election when there were accusations of voter fraud, an actual investigation was held.
Here in the presidential election there have been accusations, affidavits, videos, eye witness testimony all indicating a massive amount of fraud and so far no real investigation all the states in question have certified the results.
So what in the world is going on. It would be depressing for Trump supporters except for a couple of factors. One is that Trump won in 2016 despite the voter fraud by the Democrats. Any reasonable person without being exposed to the overwhelming bias of the media, would have picked Trump as the winner. He was holding massive rallies everywhere he went.
There was enormous enthusiasm for his campaign. According to the pundits, he had done everything wrong from the moment he rode down the escalator -- well really until today. The pundits were consistently wrong about Trump throughout the primary and general election. The polls were consistently and deliberately wrong – again!
But an unbiased observer would have seen an extremely successful, famous and popular candidate running against a woman that nobody likes, who had an email scandal that would have sunk anyone else, who didn’t campaign and apparently couldn’t campaign because of some never divulged health problem.
An unbiased observer would have picked Trump to win big, yet not a single major news outlet in the country picked Trump to even win.
Trump, however, picked himself to win and he did. What Trump knew in 2016 was that he not only had to win more votes than Hillary Clinton he had to win more votes than the Democrats could steal and he did.
But Trump, who is undoubtedly the smartest president in the past 50 years, maybe 100, knew that he had caught the Democratic machine off guard because they - unfortunately for them and fortunately for the country - believed their own press releases. And Trump knew they were not going to allow that to happen again.
Trump knew that there would be a very good chance that he would be right where he is today, having had a huge victory stolen from him right before the eyes of the American people. He also knew from the recent actions of Chief Justice John Roberts that he wasn’t going to get any help from the Supreme Court. And he knows that the FBI and Justice Department is perhaps even more corrupt than the Democratic Party and there would be no help there.
This is a man who acting alone, outsmarted both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party to get elected in 2016.
He also outsmarted the world when it came to North Korea which has reverted back to what it actually is an extremely poor backwater country that has no business on the world stage.
He has done what no president since 1948 has been able to do and is bringing stability to the Middle East not through war but through economics.
Trump stood up to China something American presidents have been scared to do and won.
And we are supposed to believe that this man is going to sit back and allow Joe Biden who didn’t bother to leave his basement to campaign, defeat him with massive voter fraud.
That is a lot like the vote totals from the Nov. 3 election, it simply isn’t possible.
I don’t think Trump has a fallback plan. I think he has a plan and it is working out the way he thought it would and that plan ends with Trump taking the oath of office on Jan. 20 and serving four more years.
Which is a long way of saying, just hang in there. Trump hasn’t let the American people down yet and he’s not going to this time either.
I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good day.