The Politicians and the Media are Laughing At All the Suckers. Meanwhile, We Getting Rich off BTC

Published January 3, 2021 294 Views

Rumble Visit Anarchapulco 2021:

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A 10pm curfew on NYE in Florida:

DeBlasio dances in Empty Times Square:

CNN Drunk and Laughing at the Tax Slaves:

DeBlasio’s wife wears pedophile symbol facemask:

No words can describe this, a person disinfecting the air. COVIDIOT would be an understatement:

Hundreds of people in Florida are camping out overnight outside the Fort Myers Stars Complex to mark their number in line to get the covid-19 vaccine:

They forgot the bloke at the back:

Croydon hospital in South London deserted. The NHS is at breaking point:

Woman Arrested For Filming Empty Hospital:

London Underground,People are waking up:

Peter Schill: