Deaths Reported After Taking COVID Vaccine; California Has Worst Virus Spread in US

Published January 3, 2021 4,488 Views $4.19 earned

Rumble 00:00 Deaths Reported After Taking Virus Vaccine
Questions arising about the safety of the new Pfizer vaccine. Some elderly people are reportedly dying hours or days after taking the vaccine.

01:13 California Has Worst Virus Spread in the US
Californians are grappling with a new surge of the virus, and the effects of the stay-at-home order that comes with it. With the country’s largest population of almost 40 million people, California now not only has the highest COVID-19 case count since the beginning of the pandemic, it also has the highest new cases per capita on a 7-day average, according to the CDC’s report as of Dec. 29.

03:06 Critical Race Theory Curriculum Stirs Controversy in California
In California, concern is rising over a proposed school curriculum. The state is proposing to teach the Critical Race Theory as part of the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum in K-12 schools to address racism. The idea was first proposed in 2016 with a goal to bridge races and cultures. The first draft was released in 2019. Upon seeing it however, opponents say it’s highly controversial. They believe the curriculum is not sound.

06:18 Beverly Hills First US City to Ban Tobacco
A first-of-its-kind ban on tobacco took effect in Beverly Hills on the first day of the year, Friday, Jan. 1, 2021. It’s reportedly the first city council in the nation to enact a ban like this.

07:22 Concerns about Integrity in Georgia Senate Runoff
In Georgia, early voting for the senate runoffs is wrapped up. The state has seen a record number of votes cast already, but some voters tell us they’re still concerned about the integrity of their vote.

10:00 New Mexico Sec. State Concealing Election Record: GOP
New Mexico Republicans are accusing the state’s Secretary of State of playing “partisan political games.” They claim she’s purposefully withholding election records from the President’s legal team.

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Deaths Reported After Taking COVID Vaccine; California Has Worst Virus Spread in US