Bird's Eye View ~ A New Earth Soul Song

Published January 2, 2021 22 Views

Rumble β€” "Bird's Eye View" is one of approximately 60 New Earth Soul Songs that I received/channeled between 2009 and 2013. Soul Songs speak the language of our souls, and thus our light bodies. They are here to help us remember and activate . . . Who We Really Are. And they are here to guide and empower us to sing the world awake! 🎢😊

"Bird's Eye View" is more than a soul song. It is a "scroll song". It is here to help us to vibrationally tune our own Divine Instruments to the Frequencies of the Higher 5D New Earth and Living Light! This song describes the big picture, or bird's eye view, of our collective journey through the old 3D paradigm and merging into the new and higher 5D New Earth and Unity Consciousness once more!

A New Light is here to illuminate our life experiences and elevate our consciousness. Mother Earth is rising into new frequencies of Light, Awareness, and Consciousness . . . and so too must we!

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