WHO IS JOVAN HUTTON PULITZER? - Georgia Election Hearing - Forensic audit ordered, Ballots destroyed

Published January 2, 2021 878 Views

Rumble Lumberjack Logic - Episode 37 - Who is Jovan Hutton Pulitzer? After being a hero to many on the Right in the Georgia Election Hearings he has been widely discredited by the Mainstream Media. Are these attacks on Jovan Pulitzer warranted. Is he a failed inventor of a predecessor to the QR code, a failed treasure hunter, and a failed entrepreneur? Or is this simply a left wing conspiracy to discredit him? I watched numerous videos of hime and also read numerous articles about Jovan Pulitzer to put this short segment together. There were plenty of articles that put him in a negative light since the Georgia election hearings. In those hearings his team live-hacked the Georgia Election System through the wi-fi. He also has said that they could clearly see that the Georgia Election System was communicating with China. Pullitzer also offered to do a forensic audit of the paper ballots in Georgia but within four hours reports came out about ballots being hauled away and ballots being shredded.

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