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PLANET LOCKDOWN - Atty, Reiner Fuellmich Interview

BERLIN: Reiner Fuellmich, Full Length Interview for Planet Lockdown Documentary.

Dr Reiner Fuellmich is.a German American lawyer with experience going after large companies like Deutsche Bank. He is a member of the German Corona Investigative Committee. He discusses the current situation and his efforts to bring justice to the situation.

This interview was recorded as a part of the full length documentary. We are releasing the full interview for the betterment of public understanding of the situation.

The full film, when released, will be available at: https://www.PlanetLockdownFilm.com

Panic Paper Source (in German) https://bit.ly/3f3IZRF

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Corona Investigative Committee - Reiner Fuellmich

Corona Investigative Committee Attorney Reiner Fuellmich w/ Patrick Bet-David: Powerful Conversation on Global Lawsuit Over Coronavirus


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