About Corporations January 1, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

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About Corporations January 1, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

Technically, the corporations are all owned by the creators of the corporation concept --- the Roman Curia.
So, Microsoft, Inc., is "owned" by Bill Gates and the other stockholders on a day to day basis and it produces and sells its unique products to the public and trades its stock on the stock market, but ultimately, the idea of a C Corporation --- all and any C-type Corporations at all, including Microsoft, General Electric, Ford Motor Company, etc. --- belongs to the Roman Curia.
It's like using someone else's invention to create your own spin-off invention.
The structure and definition of a C-Corp is the invention provided by the Curia, and then all these other "inventors" come along and use the C-Corp definition and build upon it to create their own unique version of C-Corp.
The same thing happens with the incorporated churches, even though they are designated "Non-profit Corporations". The basic idea and definitions and structure provided by the Roman Curia is built upon by all the various denominations, like a template. Monkey see. Monkey do.
In the process, they give up their unique and independent and individual character and "conform" to the standardized cookie-cutter template defining what a "Non-profit Corporation" is; thus, over time, a dreary sameness sets in, as, underneath all the trappings of different dogmas and doctrines and traditions --- they are, structurally, the same. They all have to obey the same rules and observe the same limits, or they no longer qualify to be called a "Non-profit Corporation".
Thus, the Secular Church has been defining and labeling and creating templates and rules for organizing all sorts of business activities, and people have been thoughtlessly following along and using these templates and creating all their versions of all these different kinds of corporations, but never questioning where the concept of say, a "Foundation", came from, or who sets the limits on what a "Foundation" can do.
Now you know.
Neither do most people consider the "debt" they owe the inventors of these business templates, nor the responsibilities that these unseen partners impose on them. The Curia regulates all structured corporations worldwide and it is clearly set forth in Ecclesiastical Law that the Pope has the unobstructed right to liquidate any such corporation on Earth for any reason at all.
So, if you think you own a corporation --- perhaps you are the majority stockholder?--- think again.
The Pope has layers upon layers of middlemen and each layer does some form of duty and gets paid for it, but make no mistake, at a very fundamental level, the Pope owns every corporation on Earth.
You, Joe Public, are never told this, but it is nonetheless the truth.
No disclosure of the consequences of incorporation is provided to you or anyone else. This is all established under Roman Civil Law, so it is strictly "Buyer beware."
To be fair, the very word, "incorporate" should give people a clue and a warning that they are joining themselves and their private business to something else, something bigger that they are "incorporating" into.
Most people who sign the dotted line think that they are merely "incorporating" according the the laws of say, "the State of California", and filling out some paperwork issued by the bureaucrats. They don't realize that they and their private business are becoming franchises of "the State of California--- Incorporated" and that the State of California, Inc., is in turn a franchise of the United States of America, Inc., which is a franchise of....which is a franchise of....which is a franchise of.....

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