President Trump Releases Surprise Video From White House on New Year’s Eve

Published December 31, 2020 4,803 Views

Rumble Once again, President Trump circumvents the Fake MSM and takes his message directly to the American people, with no MSM interruptions or edits.
“Truly Unprecedented”
President Donald Trump on Thursday, after his return to Washington, released a statement on the progress of “Operation Warp Speed.”
In a video posted on Twitter on New Year’s Eve, Trump made note of the accomplishments of his administration. He didn’t mention election fraud or his challenge to the outcome of the presidential race.
The president touted the development of the CCP virus vaccine under “Operation Warp Speed,” Middle East peace efforts, building up the U.S. economy before and after the pandemic, and more.
Trump started the video by saying: “In the face of great challenges this year, Americans showed incredible grit, strength, tenacity and resolve.”
And at the end of the clip, he added, “In this season of joy, Americans have so much to be grateful for. We’re all blessed to live in the greatest country ever to exist on the face of the Earth. And we have made it greater than ever before.”


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