Happy new year 2021, please take of your mask. Don't get used by using it. Be natural like before.

2 years ago

Please take off your mask, I forbid you to wear it anymore !!!
The money on the masks goes to the mafia.
It would be good to send me money, because I have noble plans and I want to implement them immediately.
Please visit my profile and contact me for further details.
If I think about the simple logic, covid19 = sars2 and it is a bioterrorist attack, to which I will add, that the virus is carried on the feet of bioterrorists and bioterroristes.
If I want to tell you more, the mask does not help avoid bioterrorists attacks but on the contrary, the mask helps to move viruses, through its existence and bioterrorists with malicious bioterroristes, affects the peace of our body and mind, where our good and purest souls live.
Thank you in advance for your support, for your help and for yours total understanding.
Ciprian Viorel Păcurar aka Ciprian Viorel Pacurar aka Durant Lero.

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