Georgia Senate Panel Finds Election Fraud, 3433

Published December 30, 2020 576 Views

Rumble Good evening, I’m Still reporting on the coup.
The Georgia State Senate held its second day of hearings on election irregularities.
Early on in the day, President Trump’s Attorney, Rudy Giuliani, made some brief remarks.
[insert Rudy]
Now, we will jump up about 4 hours when Jovan Pulitzer, the man who patented high-speed ballot scanning equipment, and is featured on Still Report #3423, had his teams scattered around observing the balloting process because early voting is now going again for the Senate runoff in Georgia.
Pulitzer had one Senator break into the meeting and ask for 2 additional minutes to announce that one of his teams had discovered that at one live voting location, voting machines TODAY were still connected to the internet in violation of legitimate election security practices.
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Then a team of 3 data scientists discussed a data analysis of some very strange voting patterns in the largest precinct in the state the one including Atlanta.
Finally, one senator vented his disgust with the revelation of just how badly the Georgia voting process had been subverted during the Nov. 3rd election.
I’m still reporting from the citadel of American freedom. Good day.