Criminal Congress

Published December 30, 2020 480 Views

Rumble Stunned that Congress (almost unanimously) just passed that criminal $900,000,000,000 spending bill under the guise of "COVID relief", I decided to take a closer look at who these politicians think they are. I mean, who in their right mind would 1) lie to Americans and pretend the $900 BILLION is for America, 2) instead send BILLIONS of our tax dollars to countries around the world (for things that have nothing to do with COVID by the way), and 3) while knowing that we do NOT actually have $900 billion (in fact we don't even have $1... we are broke - thanks to Congress).

In this video, seasoned attorney from All Things Lawyer shares what she found out about Congress, and why they have the audacity to reign over us without a care in the world.

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