2nd Study Confirms Low COVID Risk From Asymptomatic, 3432

Published December 30, 2020 310 Views

Rumble Good afternoon, I’m Still reporting on the coup.
Just out is a new confirming study supporting the notion that people who test positive for COVID-19 but are not showing symptoms – known as asymptomatic patients – do not tend to spread the disease.
This new study by the Imperial College of London’s Covid-19 Response Team, looked at 45 studies worldwide. It showed that the chance of getting the infection from a close contact who is showing symptoms is still only 12.8%.
However, if you are asymptomatic – that is you likely don’t even know you have COVID-19 because you are showing no symptoms – the odds of spreading the disease is 4 times less – only 3.5% - and that’s if you are in close contact!
In other words, the chances of you getting or spreading the virus out in the public realm, if you are asymptomatic, is much less then even these small numbers.
Then why are the COVID-19 numbers so high? For a variety of reasons, such as the tests have a high rate of false positives, and for the political reason of deliberately damaging the U.S. economy, both the infection rate numbers, and the death numbers are being exaggerated.
Last night Laura Ingraham’s substitute host, Raymond Arroyo, asked famed New York cancer surgeon Dr. William R. Grace about these inflated COVID death statistics.
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What these two studies on COVID patients showing no symptoms imply is that masking, social distancing and lockdowns do way more harm than good to industrialized societies – like the United States.
According to Prof. Neil Ferguson, the author of the new British report:
“This analysis provides some of the first evidence that asymptomatic infections are substantially less infectious than symptomatic cases.”
Another of the study’s authors, Hayley Thompson, noted that confining oneself to home is the worst thing you can do to stop the COVID-19 outbreak.
“With many countries continuing to recommend ‘stay-at-home’ measures … our results show it is likely that this location will continue to be important in sustaining transmission.”
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This new finding supports the recent massive study of nearly 10 million people in Wuhan, China, ground zero of the Wuhan virus. We reported on this study in Still Report 3427.

Wuhan’s economy is now up and running at full speed again – while the U.S. still struggles with what appears to be a deception information operation by some national intelligence agency somewhere, that tries the play up COVID in order to weaken the U.S. economy from within.
However, the truth is beginning to finally gel, and the Wuhan study now combined with this new report from the Imperial College of London is a two-shot scientific torpedo salvo which has taken dead aim at the myth of masks, lockdowns and social distancing in the U.S.
One of the FoxNews docs, Dr. Marc Siegel – who has been frequently behind the curve during the entire COVID outbreak, seems to be catching up fast. He came on TV last night and asked a good question:
[insert from: “… Those of us….” To: “… loaded with respiratory virus.”
What’s the difference? We don’t shutdown the nation because of them. We all come into contact with children.

In colder weather, they all have the sniffles and sneezes, perhaps because they tend to have a high white sugar intake, which degrades one’s immune system - plus their immune systems are just becoming exposed to the thousands of circulating viruses in the world, so they catch all of them eventually.
So, we are constantly exposed to childrens’ viruses, but as we get older - on average – we tend to reduce our sugar intake or get fat; and eventually our immune systems learn to deal with most of the world’s viruses.
The problem with COVID is that our immune systems have never seen these viruses before because they are essentially man-made in the Wuhan Institute of Virology Level 4 lab. That is these peoples’ job - to create viruses that humans have trouble handling.
This evil branch of scientific endeavor needs to stop, or be stopped! “Gain of function” is the devil’s workshop for human kind.
President Trump has an ace in the hole, however. The fastest way to end these novel COVID viruses would be the new MOAB multi-spectral targeting vaccine which has been quietly under development by the United States Air Force research and development labs, perhaps headquartered at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

If the COVID outbreak gets much worse, the President is going to have to consider the use of this highly-effective, rapid-response, counter-weapon.
I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of world freedom. Good day.