How Pence Can Save the Republic, 3431

Published December 30, 2020 331 Views

Rumble Good morning, I’m Still reporting on the coup.
The Vice President of the United States has never been such a center of debate.
Rep. Louie Gohmert has even filed a lawsuit asking the courts to determine how much power the Vice President has over counting the electoral votes. Some argue that Vice President Mike Pence has no power, that he is just there in a ceremonial role.
President Thomas Jefferson certainly wouldn’t agree with that, since as vice president he certified questionable votes from Georgia and made himself president. It seems if Jefferson could do it under the Constitution that Pence operating under the same constitution could do the same thing and not count questionable votes from Georgia.
But of course, the media and the liberal law professors they quote, all say that Pence has absolutely no power.
But there is one part of the Vice President’s power that does not seem refutable. The Constitution in both article II and the 12th amendment state:

So, it is the job of Pence and Pence alone to open all the certificates. There is nothing in the Constitution to suggest that anyone other than the Vice President can open the certificates.
So, what if Pence simply refuses to open the certificates from the six states in question. No one can force him to open the certificates. No one can arrest him for not opening the certificates. If he refuses to open the certificates, then those votes cannot be counted.
It is extremely simple, but it is the sole right of the Vice President to open the certificates. Jefferson chose to open a fraudulent certificate and those votes were counted and he became president.
Pence can refuse to open the certificates. If Pence refuses and someone else opens the certificates, then it is an invalid election because there is no wiggle room in the Constitution.
A simple solution.
One thing seems sure. President Trump will never be the President who allows the Republic to fall as a result of a Chinese disinformation operation - and nothing less than this is at stake on Jan. 6th.
I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of world freedom. Good day.