Sleep Sounds: Relaxing Forest Night, 8 Hours

Published December 30, 2020 276 Views $0.06 earned

This isn't your typical "sounds" (crickets) for restful sleep. It is also eight hours of video of a forest night. It contains moving clouds, shooting stars, and even passing planes in the distance. You probably are asking why does it contain video when you will sleep through it? Because if you are like me, and you have sleep apnea, and/or tinnitus, you wake up a number of times during the night. This way, when you wake up, you will have something to look at, that is restful, - like being in a campsite looking at the stars - until you can fall asleep again. Oh, and it gets brighter as the morning approaches.,

I make these videos for myself, and I am sharing it with you to use to help you sleep. I hope it helps some of you as it helps me.