Why Elitism Is a Bigger Problem Than Racism—Bob Woodson on Tackling Poverty, Drugs, & Crime | American Thought Leaders

Published December 29, 2020 2,871 Views

Rumble Bob Woodson has dedicated the past forty years to helping people in impoverished communities overcome the social ills that surround them, from crime to drug addiction. In an area that had 53 murders in just two years, Woodson once helped two warring gangs meet in his office and negotiate a truce. As a result, there was no gang-related murder in that area for 12 years.

For his lifelong work, Woodson received the Presidential Citizens Medal, one of the highest honors the U.S. President can award a civilian.

In his latest book “Lessons From the Least of These: The Woodson Principles,” Woodson summarizes the precepts he’s learned over the years. Beyond another program, charity or donation, he explains how to create long-lasting change.


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