Dr. Don Miller - Alcohol Rehab #17: More Creative Visualizations - Your Future Success

Published December 29, 2020 7 Views

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Dr. Don Miller is a licensed clinical psychologist living and working in San Diego, CA. He has over 50 years of experience treating people with addiction.
About this video:
In session #17 Dr. Miller takes you through a new set of visualizations (after again helping you relax) that paint a picture of what your future may be like when you've made the right choices.
Using real-life scenarios, and using relaxation as a building block, Dr. Miller takes us step by step through circumstances which result from sobriety.

Like with all the session videos, relaxation techniques are presented a number of times during the presentation.

Disclaimer: This video is not intended as a substitute for professional medical/psychological advice. Always first seek the advice of your own physician before trying this or any online source for help. Do not use this video while driving, or preparing to drive, or when using dangerous machinery, or in any circumstance that requires your full attention. Always find a safe and secure environment to sit/lie down in, before you begin relaxation and visualization techniques.
/Ph.D. awarded in clinical psychology from the University of Utah in August 1966. Dr. Miller has written movie scripts and other books. Detailed synopses of his works can be found on his website. He has a full time practice in Chula Vista, California, near San Diego.
Please check out these books written by Dr. Don E Miller:
"Angel on Probation"
Dr. Gary Brennan is joined by Angel Grace as he tries to convince America's leaders that demand reduction and treatment, not supply reduction, are the solutions to the drug problem. Grace uses mind-control Angel dust to sell Doc's "Clean and Sober forever" program at the same time she battles dragons and other forces of evil who need drug addicts as part of their plan to create chaos on earth.
"Safe at Last: Refugees in America"
Clinical Psychologist Dr. Don Miller has interviewed over 2,000 refugees who escaped from danger from seven different countries. This is a book of their stories. Most of them went through incredible suffering and hardship in their native countries and on their way to America. This included ethnic cleansing, starvation, torture, beatings and long periods of incarceration.
"Escape from Hell: Clean and Sober Forever"
The sequel to "Angel on Probation," Angel Grace and Dr. Gary Brennan, in between their battles with the forces of evil and while implementing the “Clean and Sober Forever" program, wrote “Escape from Hell: Clean and Sober Forever.” Angel Grace insisted that they put on paper their step-by-step plan to sober up America. The story of their battles is told in the book “Angel on Probation.”
"My Only Friends are Crazy: A Psychologist's Journey"
In the late fifties, a psychology intern seeks insight against a backdrop of Venice California beatniks. Don Miller cycles through multiple settings in the late 50s, including three institutions in which he interned, Beatnik Venice, UCLA, the parties and his several loves. Always in trouble, from the Army to UCLA Don Miller tries to understand why normal people avoid him (and bore him).