Puke worthy podcast!!!

Published December 29, 2020 80 Views

Rumble The 34 minutes that I'll never get back were excruciating! I had to listen to all sorts of rich folk cry over being bound to their mansions and toasting to 2021 as the best year yet!!! They didn't give a second thought to the rest of us out here in the real world- job loss, homeless, depression running rampant as they try to figure out a way to claw out of their hole! Then they ended it dangling some British child (19 months old with the ability to speak in entire phrases clearly- amazing. I wonder if he rolls their joints for them or fixes their martinis) into the mic repeating their words and everyone in high laughter as life is beyond PEACHY for them! IT WAS RIDICULOUS! GOD BLESS EVERYONE RISKING THEIR LIVES SAVING OTHERS, THOSE THAT LOST EVERYTHING AS THEY DESPERATELY TRY TO KEEP THEIR FAMILY TOGETHER. MY HEART BELONGS TO Y'ALL!