Dr Risinger — Implores NIH and WHO to Review Evidence That Ivermectin is a Game Changer for COVID-19

3 years ago

“So the theory was in countries that routinely use ivermectin to treat its populations for parasites, is there less incidents of COVID-19 and what they found was yes. There was less incidents of COVID-19 in African countries that routinely deploy ivermectin to treat parasitic disease compared with other African countries that don't.”
— Christy Risinger, MD (Internal Medicine Physician, December 29, 2020)

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Dr. Risinger is an internist in Austin, Texas. She has been working at the Seton Community Clinics since 2006. She attended Georgetown University School of Medicine and completed her Internal Medicine Residency at Providence Portland Medical Center in Portland, Oregon.

At present she's providing information to the public on ivermectin in the hope that they will sign a petition, imploring the NIH and WHO to review the emerging evidence regarding ivermectin.

Unfortunately her earlier video "Ivermectin - A Game Changer for COVID-19?" was censored by YouTube.

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