Exploring Eastern Washington-Part 3

Published December 29, 2020 57 Views

Rumble A return for one night of camping at Trail Lake on a clear and cold (14 degrees F) night and morning. We drove 30 miles North to the other end of Banks Lake to another dispersed campsite with freezing Fog. Another free site and no other people around. Todd and I parted ways on the 5th. I stayed in town for a few days and then headed North to roads I had never been on to see the old mining towns of Chesaw and Molson, Washington. I'll have to come back next Spring and Summer for a better and longer look.
The Monk at the end is a special person. He actually gave me that Singha as a gift while all of the other visitors had to purchase theirs and then have him bless them. He actually knew all about me even though we had never met and explained that we were spirit brothers. So that little casting holds special meaning for me.

Music background provided by SizzleBird from the new Tree Circles EP.