I've Driven My Immaculate '57 Chevy For 62 Years | RIDICULOUS RIDES

Published December 29, 2020 178 Views

Rumble THIS stunning Chevrolet Bel Air has been the pride and joy of the same owner for more than 60 years. Grace Braeger, from Wisconsin, US, bought the car for $2,250 in 1957 and never imagined she would still have it all these years later. During her ‘active years’, Grace drove the Chevrolet all over the country and through Canada, racking up over 122,000 miles. Now, she uses the dependable vehicle to go to church, shopping and appointments. Grace said: “What I love most about this car is what fun it is to drive it.” Nicknamed 57 Lady, the car regularly encounters admirers with people taking photos or giving Grace the thumbs up as she drives along. Someone even tried to steal the car in the late 1970s but Grace confronted them. She said: “As soon as I got to the vehicle, the light went on. And somebody was getting out the other side. And I yelled, who are you? And he was gone in the dark.” Grace would only consider serious offers for the car and hopes the future owner recognises the value in it. What is the secret to its longevity? Grace said: “When it needs something, you take care of it. You replace it, you always try to keep it clean and you try to keep it waxed. And you go by the manual."

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