Father Please

Published December 28, 2020 51 Views

Rumble An original and draft form of a song I am contemplating. It comes from a piano rendition of Beethoven's Pathetique. A song I can hear in background, but not part of this recording, is a piano piece from ABC's 100 classical piano pieces. This is meant for open collaboration, but no rights are waived, please contact me for permission. In general, I approve anything done for free or and for education.
‎"Father please, I have no where to stand. I'm falling. I'm drowning. Give me a place to stand.
Father please, I have nothing to give. I love you. I worship you. I need to show I care.
I give you the song I keep in my heart.
I give you the dreams I have in my heart
I live, so that I may give it all to you.
Father, thanks. For all I have to share.
My home and my family. Stand in worship. Stand"
I've done a few original songs.

Dragonflight is my made up tune,

I think of Sydney is my made up tune and lyrics.

That is aside from my collaborations