8 Minute Summary of Fake Ballots in AZ & Phantom Ballots By Mike Adams - The Health Ranger

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3 years ago

Stew Peters of The PC Radio Show breaks the story of the Fake Ballots in Arizona flown in from Korea.

FULL VIDEO: https://parler.com/post/17ebb10c75b34755947f223604b2de48

Bobby Piton of Preactive Investments who testified at the Arizona Hearings and has been doing deep dives in all of the battleground states. He's uncovered Phantom Ballots/Voters that has been part of our corrupt election system for decades.

This theory, with his documented proof explains why Biden received 13 million extra votes.

FULL VIDEO: https://www.brighteon.com/0acf7fee-a68a-4413-a719-dd0cdbd04bd6

DOWNLOAD HIS ARIZONA EXCEL SPREADSHEET & PDF SUMMARY OF ARIZONA HERE: https://www.preactiveinvestments.com/political/

WHAT CAN YOU DO TO SAVE AMERICA? Listen/watch/read the information on the following websites and contact your state and federal elected officials. All of their contact info is listed on these websites too - including 2 easy to complete petitions. Patriots are the only hope we have to expose the election and voter fraud of 2020 and get President Donald J. Trump his deserved 2nd term (he won with 80 million votes!) Our politicians have abandoned us and our great President - STAND UP NOW FOR YOUR FREEDOM!

VISIT: http://www.ElectionFraudFacts.com/

VISIT: http://www.AZSavesAmerica.com/

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