The Infinite Star Connections - Ep.12 - Guest Speaker: Eddie Enokian

Published December 28, 2020 10 Views

Rumble Join us for another episode of The Infinite Star Connections with guest speaker Eddie Enokian. He is a holistic massage therapist and Reiki Master. Eddie is a graduate of Spa Tech Institute School of Massage, Polarity, & amp, Aesthetics in Plymouth, MA. Eddie is a licensed massage therapist as well as being trained in Polarity, which was developed by Dr. Randolph Stone in the mid-20th century. Polarity balances the client’s energy by holding a series of polarized contacts throughout the body. Energy healing came naturally to Eddie and he began his journey into using energy to heal people over 20 years ago. His interest in honing his natural ability began in 2011 when he received his first Reiki attunement. Eddie then began to study Shamanic and Indigenous healing techniques from his mentor. He received his Reiki Master attunement in 2016. Through Eddie’s unique style of energy healing and his intuitive therapeutic massage clients are left feeling relaxed but also invigorated. Energy work can help the mind, body, and soul feels in balance.