Richard Dawkins Tries to Define Nothing

Published December 28, 2020 245 Views

....... By definition, Atheists don't believe there is a God, and materialists only believe in the Material world. Well, why is there something rather than nothing? Where did it all come from? Science is the search for causes. Since I was caused, the Earth was caused, all life was caused, the entire Universe was caused--according to science today--there must be a cause for it. Science--our repeated experience tells us that everything in this universe had a cause, and by logic alone, since space, time, matter, and energy came into being at the Big Bang, that cause must be outside space, time, matter, energy to cause it to come into being.
...... Now by the Laws of logic alone, at some time in the past, we must come to an eternal cause, an uncaused cause--why--because there would be nothing instead of something. This has nothing to do with religion, it is all logic. But by definition--atheists and materialists by definition, do not believe in such a being. So yes, if you are a hard atheist, and/or a materialist, you believe there is no uncaused cause, Prime Mover, or First Cause--therefore, the universe came into being from nothing and by nothing. (Arno Penzias) Otherwise, you are an agnostic--you just don't know--and it’s ok to be an agnostic, and admit it. At least it’s much more honest.