The Infinite Star Connections - Ep.08 - Guest Speaker: Holly Marie!

Published December 27, 2020 138 Views

Rumble We are excited to welcome Holly Marie as ou guest. Imagine identifying the exact thing that has been holding you back. To unblock the negative energy, trauma, or beliefs preventing you from moving forward. This is what fuels Holly’s passion for helping others. Holly isn’t your average hypnotherapist and soul coach; she has designed a system that delivers results quickly and efficiently.

Holly uses a combination of modern knowledge, science and ancient healing modalities that work with the subconscious mind and physical energy field. Many seek Holly’s help with deep-rooted traumas, anxiety, depression, addictions, weight issues and in need of emotional clearing. She has developed a system that allows clients to work through their hidden beliefs, embedded programs, and traumas so they can actually heal and move forward in life with peace and emotional control.