Attack Of Life: The Bang Tango Movie (2015)

Published December 27, 2020 25 Views

Rumble 4 long soul crushing years went into making this documentary. It was 100% a work of passion straight from the heart. I am finally at peace with knowing that the film is finished, and probably will never get an official release. So rather than let it collect dust and wait for all the movie business hoop jumping to be cleared up, I have decided to give it to all of you. I know some of you have been waiting a long time.
Since finishing the film I have become a member of Bang Tango. I couldn't think of any better bookend to this whole experience.
By the way UMG gave me permission to have it on YouTube, so until I'm told to take it down, it shall remain up.

Documentary Film by Drew Fortier.

Edited by Drew Fortier

Shot by Anu Gunn & Drew Fortier

Produced by Joe Placzkowski, Anu Gunn, Drew Fortier, & Howard Benson

RockIt Club in Tampa Florida footage shot by Mark Adams.

All Music Herein by Mark Knight and the Unsung Heroes is the sole property of Mark Knight and appears here courtesy of Mark Knight. All Rights Reserved.

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