Trump Goes SCORCHED EARTH on GOP Establishment | SS 55

Published December 26, 2020 384 Views

Rumble Trump has finally started going SCORCHED EARTH on the GOP establishment who have done very little to nothing to help our President from pulling a victory out of the jaws of defeat in 2020. Senators Mitch McConnell & Lindsey Graham remain silent as the republic falls into chaos and the future of a just republic lays in the balance.

Trump goes fire & fury on GOP establishment on twitter; A 3rd party may be the only path for future contenders; White House outlines why they vetoed Defense Bill without Section 230; and the US Mint releases the 2021 quarter of George Washington crossing the Delaware.

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Lucius Coal is a political patriot and social alchemist of the Coal Factory, a modern day political revolution centered around freedom, as well as a former Navy veteran. Lucius is a project patriot winner, podcast host of the Sanity Stream, and an early supporter of the populist movement. He is currently the subject of a handful of fellow liberty minded individuals, an aims to grow the movement through seperating truth from fiction.

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