July 6_20 - Spaced Out Radio live with Viviane Chauvet

Published December 25, 2020 54 Views

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Viviane's inspirational life story as an advanced biological Arcturian hybrid, galactic ambassador, spiritual teacher, speaker, and interstellar conscious voice channel has touched the heart & soul of thousands of people worldwide. She is also a hybrid consultant on j3FILMS Production award-winning second documentary "Extraordinary: The Seeding", and will be featured in their third upcoming documentary. Viviane is the producer & co-host of "The Infinite Star Connections" Podcast.

Viviane Chauvet is the owner of Infinite Healing from the Stars and co-owner of Energies of Service. Our successful quantum holographic healing practice and intuitive consultation assists people in transmuting negative influences, reintegrating soul fragments at a multi-dimensional level, achieving higher soul growth, and creating significant paradigm shifts. We restore balance between the sacred polarities of Terra and all sentient life forms. Viviane serves as a communicator for the Galactic Federation and work in close partnership with the Lyrans, Andromedans, Pleiadians and other interstellar delegations. She is known as a member of the Arcturian royal lineage.

Arcturians are one of the oldest, most enlightened star civilizations known to this Quadrant. Viviane and her interstellar masters are here to oversee the planetary Re-Ascension process.

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