The Winter Solstice of Civilization

Published December 25, 2020 1,899 Views

Rumble It's Christmas - the winter solstice. In this 10-minute speech, I offer hope and realism, suggesting that this moment in history is the solstice of something greater.
In this video, for the discerning, I drop black pills (grim truths), red pills (unpopular truths), and white pills (empowering truths) - crossing the chasm from the abstract and philosophical to the pragmatic and personal.

PLEASE rumble, share, and send this timely Christmas message to friends and family whose spirits it might fortify in this dark winter.

Music featured
Two Steps from Hell - Victory
Ivan Torrent - Rêverie
Filmed at the Cathedral of St. Joseph in Sofia, Bulgaria

You can find the speech transcript and everything I mention here,

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