End Times Message For Current Events

Published December 24, 2020 108 Views

Rumble Brothers, Sisters, people of this world, we are living in the last day. I speak these words based on extensive study withing the Word of God.
It began with Prophecy in 1991 and advanced yet again in 2013 when God lead me into proper Word Studies for greater understanding of His Word.
Due to my studies, there is not one person who can convince me that the Word Of God is a fairy tale or, that God does not exist.
Many Prophecies spoken thousands of years ago Have Come To Pass (As They Were Written) word for word.
Allow me to ask you this. If I were to look you in the eye and predict, in great detail, an event that would take place involving your life the very next day, What Are The Mathematical Odd Of This Event Coming To Pass, (As I Spoke It)?
If you have not accepted Jesus Christ into your life by verbally, with your lips, confessing your sins and believing Christ died (For You) on the cross and rose again on the third day, NOW IS THE TIME...
There is Nothing in Prophecy remaining that needs to take place before the last trumpet sounds.