12 Days of Voting - Every Legal Vote Christmas Carol

Published December 24, 2020 57 Views

Rumble The “Twelve Days of Voting” Fraud Challenge

Some people felt Election Day shouldn’t be limited to a day. So, they turned it into an entire season of jolly ballot-harvesting, decorative recounts, making up lists and scanning them twice, finding gift-wrapped ballot boxes under the tree, and all kinds of festive lawbreaking.

Those who believe this election was stolen and who have been speaking about instances of fraud hear the constant refrain, “What evidence, show me the evidence?” These Americans have been censored and de-platformed. Courageous whistleblowers and fraud investigators are harassed, intimidated, and personally maligned. Poll watchers who reported fraud have been fired. Strong cases have been tossed out on procedural issues. Mountains of evidence have yet to be heard.

So, we’ve put together a spoof on the Twelve Days of Christmas to shed holiday light on the fraud, and we invite you to do the same.

Let’s get something started, and have some FUN!

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