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Published December 23, 2020 54 Views

Rumble In this episode of The Health Engineer, host Clint Fuqua talks about immunity support with Darren Hall of IV Hook-Up based in Plano, Texas. 

IV Hook-Up provides IV infusion services for hydration, vitamin supplements for athletes and  individuals with health concerns, and also works with small businesses. They opened their clinic at the onset of Covid 19 and decided to provide Covid testing, which was much needed in the small business community and kept them afloat during the challenging economy. 

There are stringent testing parameters for Covid-19. These parameters include a good quality test that is approved by the FDA, compliant with regulatory requirements and is quality controlled. Additionally, a good technician taking the sample is paramount.  

There are three different types of Covid-19 tests. PCR viral tests check for viral activity currently in the body and results are ~99% accurate.  These tests are the most accurate because they go to the lab. Normally, these tests can take up to 10 days to get back, but IV Hook-Up can have an answer within 2 days as they use an independent lab. Antigen viral testing uses a machine to give results in 15 minutes and the results are 86 - 90% accurate. Both the PCR viral test and the antigen test are nasal swabs. Finally, the antibody test provides results that indicate whether the individual has come in contact with the virus and built up antibodies. The antibody test is a venous blood draw and is 99% accurate.  

From the business perspective, employers want to know that employees are safe. Having the test available for fast and accurate results through IV Hook-Up has been a game changer for some businesses. Now that flu season is upon us, and we don’t yet have a vaccine for Covid-19, we will see more antibody testing. In addition to offering the PCR viral testing for Covid-19, IV Hook-Up also offers flu testing and flu shots. 

In order to stay healthy in this upcoming season, it is important to stay hydrated and take vitamins, remain active, and eat healthy foods. During the winter, people tend to drink less water and drink more alcohol during the holidays. Both of these scenarios lead to dehydration.   

To check out how you or your business can benefit from the services IV Hook-Up provides, go to, or look them up on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.  Their clinic is located at 5508 West Plano Parkway, Suite 102. You can visit them in their clinic or have them come to you in your home or workplace, and schedule it all online.  

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