Is there a difference between humans and apes?

Published December 22, 2020 12 Views

Rumble 30X2 VIDEO: Humans are created in the image of God... that makes us very unique... and results in major differences.

For example, like God, Humans are moral creatures... we have a sense of justice... and a desire for justice. No animal establishes a court system to ensure justice.

Humans are innovative, creative, and able to accomplish complex tasks, and make powerful tools and compose symphonies. Apes don't even compose simple children's songs. They do not paint masterpieces nor draw cartoons. They do not build skyscrapers nor small sheds. They have never gone to the moon, nor into the depths of the oceans... nor have they shown any inclination or desire to explore, build, or create, or do any of these things.

And only humans have a knowledge of God... only humans worship... many times knowing there is a God, but suppressing that knowledge to worship the creation. Apes don't do this.

Apes don't have universities, and they don't teach mathematics. They have no curiosity about how things work. Humans teach apes to communicate and do simple tasks, but apes never create logic, or memory, or reasoning tests for humans.

Yes, we are very different and not just physically and intellectually. It goes beyond that... to the expression of the human soul... our never ending desire to know more and go further, to create and grow... because unlike any animal... we are made in the image of God.

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