Steve Bannon: The key to Trump prevailing is...

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Rumble this is a fight that we can't lose if we
lose this fight
to really secure and close on this
massive landslide victory
that president trump won on november 3rd
we're going to cease to be a republic
this is going to go back to what
franklin warned us about
i think on the day that the declaration
was signed in philadelphia when a woman
came up to him
to him and praised god that we finally
had a republican he said a republic if
we can
if you can keep it and on
our shoulders this rest and that's why
i'm so
honored to be here with uh and uh pastor
in mario's global prayer meeting because
we need prayer
you know i was very blessed to
come into the campaign at 16 and in mid
august and i will tell you that victory
was providential
you know we were a ragtag group i think
we were down 12 or 14 points in the
middle of august
and we won a stunning victory because
really stood up to the managed decline
of our country by the elites
in our country and also the elites
throughout the world what i call the
party of davos
and his fight over the last four years
has has really i think been in the face
of the chinese communist party and their
allies throughout the world on wall
street and corporate america
and the city of london uh in europe uh
in the in the middle east iran
pakistan turkey russia all of their
junior parties north korea that are
trying to control the eurasian land mass
and really drive us into this
unrestricted warfare that they're
currently fighting us on
information war cyber war economic war
we're very we're very far down the road
in that and one of the reasons
that we're winning and one of the
reasons all these forces are aligned
against president trump is that he was
turning this country around and
returning us to our original greatness
and to be specific you know i i i
um you know war room a war room
impeachment back in
september of 2019 where it became very
obvious to me that nancy pelosi was
going to move to impeach the president
when a lot of people said it's fake news
it's not going to happen because i could
see the designs of what they're trying
to do
to get ready for for 2020.
we started war room pandemic in
and i was laughed and ridiculed and
mocked by people and all the media feed
steve we lost you okay
is that better in my back okay now
you're back yeah
so the pandemic was going to be a
a world historical event and my belief
my strong belief is i came out of the
wuhan lab as part of a bioweapons
program and let's give the chinese
communist party at least the benefit of
doubt they didn't
on purposely they didn't purposely
release it but they certainly were doing
experiments and they certainly
exacerbated this
and they were over here with president
trump at the time signing a trade deal
and said nothing about it
that pandemic in the way that the
democratic party seized upon it
to do these mail-in ballots set the
stage back in the early spring
and late spring and early summer for
what their plan was to essentially steal
this election now
i'mma go into some specifics about how
we're actually going to close in this
right now obviously there's six states
uh up in the air and they've added they
headed new mexico
and those six states we overwhelmingly
won i mean three of those states are as
close as you can possibly get
20 000 votes in in wisconsin about 12 or
13 000 votes in
georgia 10 000 votes in arizona and that
to me has always been my primary focus
michigan and pennsylvania obviously he
that was that was turned around in the
middle of the night with these ballot
in pennsylvania tonight i think we have
the most significant lawsuit of this
uh effort and that is with john eastman
dad uh ernie priet who's the former
attorney general and others have really
crafted a very tightly argued
uh constitutional argument to really
that's aimed to go to the supreme court
and they will have standing
the way this has been crafted to really
argue the constitutionality of what
really pennsylvania did what other
states did too to have the state
actually change the law or have
governors change the law around covid19
or the ccp virus
that really were not in compliance
with the constitutions of those states
pennsylvania and uh in in georgia
that's going to be that's filed tonight
i think it's going to get expedited
now my belief is i'm not so sure the
supreme court
wants to be a part of this i think we've
seen the supreme court go out of its way
not to take on these cases and so i
think the supreme court i think the
courts are one
element of this but i think more
specifically if you look at each state
let's break it down into three verticals
number one vertical is the illegal
voting whether that voting was illegal
aliens whether voting was people under
age whether voting was people out of
state from post office boxes
et cetera in georgia that goes to the
hundreds of thousands just the illegal
of which cletu mitchell and uh and i
think the lawyer named smith
have done a fantastic job of outlining
and that is being pressed very hard
and the governor's being very pressed in
in the in the state legislature to have
a special
session of the georgia legislature to
address these
into and to decertify this election and
particularly to decertify the biden
electors and to kick it to the house of
in addition the second vertical and by
the way in arizona it's a couple hundred
thousand votes
particularly in uh in wisconsin
the the state supreme court there
regardless what you read in the media
has actually given us a pathway to
victory they have they
basically ruled four to three against us
at the state supreme court going forward
on every aspect of it
but the dissenting justices wrote a
opinion and everyone in this crowd
should read this and send it to your
friends that said there's baseless and
no and no evidence
they quite frankly went into the
evidence on early voting
on fake early voting on manipulation of
and particularly what is called
indefinitely confined which is people
that are in nursing homes normally 15
000 people a year
apply for that wisconsin this time it
was close to 200 000
and these people were ballot harvested
in parks throughout milwaukee and
and they're up on social media skiing in
aspen or surfing in hawaii
and just making a mockery of the process
so the supreme court did rule
that those ics if the campaign can can
prove that they're actually
invalid they will address throwing those
those votes out and maybe discernifying
this and you should know that bernie
mike roman and the team have been
working on this for about five days and
i think by tuesday we'll have a report
to take back
to the courts and to take to the state
legislature that proves
that there's probably 50 000 to 100 000
of these
and definitely confined voters they're
just phony
and they'll have to deal with that about
how this gets certified or decertified
so that's wisconsin in georgia we have
the vertical of that then you have the
entire vertical
of uh what is called male imbalance
that vertical in georgia alone they're
1.3 million male 1 ballot 600 000 have
no chain of custody
at all the paperwork from the different
counties hasn't been done it's supposed
to be done
i think 24 hours after the election six
hundred thousand haven't been done
fulton county says they won't even have
theirs done until the 19th of january
this was all done because of a consent a
consent a decree that was signed
and nobody in the state legislature knew
about it it was signed between rasberger
the uh the the secretary of state
and and and stacey abrams and stacey
abrams has gained this entire system and
quite frankly the same rules apply
for january 1st was going to make it
very difficult
given quite frankly the lack of
enthusiasm a lot of the trump base
to to support another fiasco to really
have us win on the fifth but
georgia is a is a mess regarding these
mail-in ballots
and you see this in the mail-in ballots
is a massive problem
in pennsylvania now they're going about
the pennsylvania approach to
go on the constitutionality of what the
of what the governor did what the
secretary of state did
even the the legislature but without
doing a referendum to the people which
was required by the constitution
in the commonwealth of pennsylvania like
i said that got filed john eastman will
be on
uh he'll be on maria barchiroma tomorrow
he'll be on our show
he'll be doing the media around tomorrow
to explain this so those two verticals
illegal ballots that traditionally which
ranch which go to the hundreds of
thousands in nevada in arizona in
in uh in wisconsin and in michigan the
second one is the is this male in
balance fiasco
of non-chain of custody uh ballots
the third is obviously you've heard
about dominion and and uh smartmatic and
all that that's the third element of it
the that is one that i think honestly is
just gonna that's something i'll take an
investigation that could take months if
not years to get to the
to the bottom of i believe that that is
a what i what's called a finance a free
that's something that that i believe is
a very deep
uh vein to mine but i'm not so sure how
how much we can
get out of it between now and and uh
january 20th and we need to get this
done in the next two weeks before
congress meets on the sixth
so there is a an amazing set of analysis
that is done by paul gosar and i think
andy biggs and a team that's been
working for them out in arizona
that has just now gone public over the
weekend that shows some
that ties the anomalies you've seen
of these mathematical anomalies that
you've seen ties it back to actually the
vote count as it was done that night
that is going to be addressed tomorrow
by the house of representatives
in arizona on a special committee
meeting if it passes muster there which
i believe it will then be
passed to a general committee in the
house tomorrow and i think we'll back up
what arizona has done
in trying to subpoena the the dominion
in maricopa county which has now gotten
to be a huge range war
because the maricopa county which is
controlled by republicans don't want to
turn it over my point between now and
the 6th
we have to at state legislatures because
all the courts are going to do is turn
it back to the state legislatures
we have to at these state legislatures
basically get them to do something very
basic and that is to
decertify those votes and kick it to the
house of representatives
and i'll talk to you in a minute what a
contingent election would be now people
talk about the insurrection act that we
ought to do this and i'll do that
and that's crazy talk okay we got to get
focused on closing
on this victory and here's what it is in
the three states that we could flip this
right now
we if we decertified wisconsin at 20 000
votes which is very doable
if we just certify georgia at ten
thousand votes which is extremely doable
if we decertify our twelve thousand
votes we do certify arizona at ten
thousand votes which is extremely doable
adjust the hard evidence we have today
of illegal voting
and problems with uh with mail-in
ballots and problems with the machines
that we can identify today
um those are all all three of those are
controlled by republicans
and the people in wisconsin have been
terrific that shows your republican
that works where you have both you know
the trump right-wing
and populist group coupled with the
moderates and the establishment
that are sitting there and the wisconsin
people so far have been terrific saying
these are the rules these rules have to
be applied the rules can't be changed by
democratic clerks in these big cities
are on college campuses that just want
to change them
in wisconsin that's working and we have
a path to victory
in georgia and in arizona the simple
problem we have is republicans
we have republican governor and and
leadership of republican establishment
that are cowered by left-wing media and
too afraid
to stand up and do their duty and i
think you're going to see in the next 72
hours an enormous amount of pressure put
on them
by evidence and by overwhelming evidence
that they're going to have to do their
duty call special sessions if we get
special sessions of
the arizona legislature and the georgia
this thing will get turned around
because one falls they all fall
and what we're seeing here they're
they're within our grass we have
overwhelming evidence of this on many
different many different verticals
and so if that happens the next 72 hours
i and it has to happen between now
in january 6. january 6 this this effort
that no mo brooks in the house and tommy
tuberville are doing
is heroic and very important and needs
to be done that's where a member of the
house or member of the senate can stand
up and question
each individual state just one member
and if and then you can call for two
hour debate first state that's called in
question and we know that
other senators are piling in here back
tommy tuberville and other other uh
house members are backing up mo brooks
but we don't have the the way that
system works
is we don't have the votes in the house
because you vote by individual member
what we have to have what the
constitution provides for
if we can decertify the biden electors
in these three states we get below 270.
the constitution implies that we go to
what's called a contingent election
in that contingent election basically in
the house of representatives
you vote basically by state party
delegation each state gets one vote
right now i think the republicans
control i think 26
congressional delegations house
delegations the democrats control 23 and
i think there's one tied i believe
pennsylvania still
is still tied and so we would win with
state party delegations
if they had the courage to really of
their convictions to do this
the senate would vote for the vice
president and the president would be
confirmed would be confirmed then take
the oath of office at noon on the 20th
there if this gets fought through and
continues to be thought through
in in january the worst outcome that
could happen
as we fight this through is that nancy
pelosi would be the speaker of the house
she's in all likelihood to be named
speaker of the house on the on the 6th
the speaker of the house would be named
the acting president at noon on the 20th
until that time
that it could be worked out or voted
that either biden or trump and it has to
be somebody that's gotten electoral
uh in in the electoral college only so
it can't be other candidates can't be
other people
would be voted in by the house as
president so this is this fight's far
from over
we have a lot of ammo there's a lot of
things coming out gosar's analysis is
going to be
promulgated tomorrow in the in the house
i think gateway planned it
has got the seven minute video i i uh
every one of you should go to gateway
pundit and watch this video takes about
six or seven minutes it's very
informative you should understand when
you're watching that
that that analytical team could
essentially prove the same thing off of
the raw data that went to the
secretary's estate
and all six of the states are in
and so what happened here essentially
they had a plan and this was called the
transition integrity project they came
up with months and months and months ago
they knew that trump was going to win an
overwhelming victory in election day and
they set this up using the
ccp virus mail-in ballots and others
to overcome his his victory what
happened is that he had such a massive
landslide such a
huge turnout that they had to go to all
types of methods that they were caught
and so if i look i have a reputation
of not focusing on things that don't
you know i saw the rise of populism i
saw the rise of trump the ccp all that
this is a fight we must win we have no
people are saying oh let's just move
along or it's too tough or it's too hard
or the media's gonna call you crazy
that those are all summer soldiers and
sunshine patriots
we have to hold the line on this
because if we allow this to
if we allow an illegitimate and illegal
uh government to take the administration
to take office on on january it'll be
unique in american history
we will have a massive constitutional
crisis and right now
with all the tech oligarchs suppressing
everybody out there suppressing twitter
youtube all of it and the mainstream
media basically mocking and ridiculing
president trump every day and
misreporting saying it's baseless it's
no evidence
the polling shows from a wide range of
pollers it's
pollsters it's between about 46 percent
and 48 or 49
believe the election was illegitimate
and illegal and illegal activity took on
that's of all americans
right now i think we're at 85 percent
closing on 90 percent
of republicans and almost 100 of trump
this has never happened in the history
of the country even before the civil war
you know president lincoln i think won
40 percent of the popular vote i clearly
won the electoral college but nobody
questioned whether it was legal or
legitimate they questioned the policies
and they said we don't want to be a part
of this
we would have for the first if we allow
this to take place for the first time in
our country's history
we would actually um we would actually
allow an illegal and illegitimate
administration to go forward and the
evidence is only going to get
more powerful over time because i do
believe the dominion
system and smart tech and all of that
smartmatic more information will come
out in the months ahead as real
investigation takes place
and quite frankly as i strongly
recommend it to the president we need a
special counsel
named immediately a special prosecutor
just on election fraud and voter fraud
the two different things election fraud
and voter fraud
you need to do that immediately in
addition he must
uh announce a special prosecutor name a
special prosecutor
to look at the bard a divide and hard
biden's compromise by the chinese
communist party and the chinese county's
party's infiltration
into this country and politic
particularly into the political class
um and and so we have both a
constitutional crisis and a national
security crisis
never in our country's history has
senior leadership of a party and quite
frankly an administration that's trying
to come
in been compromised by immortal enemy of
the united states and that's the
situation we have
so we have if you if you add that to the
geopolitical crisis
around the eurasian landmasses the
consolidation of the eurovision land
mass by chinese communist party
with their partners north korea pakistan
the mullahs in iran
turkey and russia that uh
you know we are heading towards uh
you know a a a global crisis
and in this country a constitutional
crisis layered on a national security
crisis so prayer is what we need but we
also have to remember that god works
through imperfect instruments and all of
us aren't perfect and some are more
imperfect than others
stephen k bannon and donald trump being
close to the top of that list
but these are the instruments we have
and president trump i will tell you
he is down for this fight and he's not
down for this fight for himself
he understands the countries at stake he
understands this republican state he
understands the constitution's at stake
he is not going to back down he will
never concede
and i will tell you in the small chance
we don't win this he will never
sit on that stage and participate in
inauguration as he should not
this is an illegal effort that's gone on
we're proving it every day it's even
going to be proved more in the days and
weeks ahead
if we get to congress in a contingent
election will be proven there even if we
just that we have the two-hour debate
and evidence it'll be something
extraordinary in the nation's history
and now is the time that that people and
particularly elected republican
in the state and the state legislatures
the governorships
our members of congress have got to
stand they have to stand for the
so besides your prayers any amount of
that you can put on these people is
what's necessary and they're responding
that pressure we know in arizona and
georgia specifically
they are responding this is why we have
the subpoena to maricopa county by the
senate this is why we have this meeting
tomorrow with gosar's people
and andy biggs's people on this analysis
in the house
because people are protesting people are
calling their offices people are
emailing them
and we're just relentless and so if you
all i know you were
a group of leaders here so if you just
with all of your organizations
and this is why we've got to keep it
inside the lines there's no need to talk
about insurrection act there's no need
to talk crazy talk
right now we can do this with republican
legislators and republican governors
or we can close this in the courts and
so right now it's just for us to show
our resolve that we're never ever going
to give up
and we will never we will never ever
allow biden to really take control of
this government we will fight this we
will fight this
every day even past january 20th

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