Americans Say! Not Only Survived But Thrived Under The Attacks | Washington DC | 2020-12-12

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Rumble i think the election was stolen i think it was a fraudulent election
that's criminal it's the election was stolen
it was not a free and fair election and
if we don't have a free and fair election in this country then we don't have a country
it used to be that you voted on one day
it was one day on that tuesday you got to go and cast your vote
and then this year with the covid with all of the mail-in ballots
they were not signature checks they didn't verify that the person
casting the vote was actually that person
they were dumping votes into the system in the drop boxes where they dumped the votes
also dominion the statistical analysis of what happened with the vote
there's no way if you look at the numbers
that biden got the numbers that they're claiming he got
so the election was stolen
this is tyranny this is tyranny
this is a choice between freedom and tyranny in this country
it's a good against evil and they stole the vote
they rigged the election they stole the vote and
i'm here to support trump and to let him know that i've got his back
these americans have his back and quite honestly
if we don't get relief in the supreme court
i hope that he uses that executive order
i think it's 13848 that he signed in september of 2018
it gives him the ability to suspend habeas corpus
and he can try these people for treason and
this is insurrection this is treason this is a coup
and if he instills martial law and and has military tribunals
then i think these people can be held accountable
it's just disgrace what has happened in this country with stealing this election
this is america i just cannot believe this is happening in america
it's the craziest thing and it goes really deep
you know joe biden and his brother and his whole family they're corrupt
they're taking their they've been bought they have been influenced
peddling people paid them big money to get into our government
it's coming from the chinese communist party
it's the ccp that is behind all of this
they've infiltrated our justice system
they've infiltrated our government
they've infiltrated wall street our money system
they have infiltrated our education system
they have taken over our media
the lame stream media is a propaganda arm of the democrat party
which has been taken over by leftists
this is the same kind of thing that happened in germany in russia in china
i mean this is tyranny
they want to take over this country
china wants to take over this country
they want our farmland they can't feed their people
they want our farmland they want this country
we're not going down without a fight and it's part of that whole color revolution
if you've read up on any of that what's going on in this country
right now they're trying to overthrow our government
it's a coup
they're trying to overthrow president trump who was a duly elected president
they tried it with the russian collusion hoax
they tried it with false impeachment
they sent the china virus here
they tried to shut our country down our economy down and none of that worked
and so this is just another attempt to overthrow our government
it's a coup it is a coup
it's tyranny and it's not happening in this country
and they're trying to you know if they get civil war out of it
they would love that they would love for america to be so divided
that we have a civil war and in their opinion they're
doing it without americans firing a single shot at each other
and it's disgraceful what is going on in this country
it is just disgraceful people are bought and sold their integrity
you know they're bribed it's outrageous
and thank god we have president trump in the white house
thank god because he's a fighter he's not going to have it he and we've got his back
america is not going to stand for this
this is america, listen, we died we left england to come here and form this country
this country was founded under god and under the protection of god
and so it will live it will sustain itself
i love president trump he has so much testosterone shall we say
no other man would stand up for this country
and would have survived not only survived
but thrived under the attacks that he went under
he loves america he fights for the little guy and the big guy and
he's a fighter he's not going to go down
he's not going to give up and he's not
just going to walk away with his tail tucked between his legs
he's going to fight for this country and i love him for that
no other republican no other democrat
no other man or woman would stand up and fight like he is
that's why i love trump i love him yes i love president trump
god bless you president trump
keep fighting keep up the good fights
we've got your back you've got our back
you've got america's back we've got your back president trump