Unleashed Truth Radio 12-21-2020

Published December 22, 2020 81 Views

Rumble The Dark Winter is here, and the holiday cheer is all but dead... The world feels the great reset about to kick in as the CCP are waiting for their transition of power to continue as their take over of this country is all but a month away if Biden gets in. Folks we have to understand we're living in very dangerous times. Trump must act quick if we're to save the democrazy of our country, and save this republic. We cannot allow out USA to go by the waste, and become another shit hole 3rd world country.

Join us for the fight of not just this country but for the soul of the world... We have to rid this planet of communism, and socialism. These radical marxists must be stopped at all cost. Join us tonight as we sit back, and talk about the issues we're facing, and also play some clips on things which are happening on a daily basis.

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