Fathers Matter

Published December 21, 2020 32 Views


An underlying theme for “Black Lives Matter & Fathers are Equally Important” is authority. This theme is first picked up in this segment in a discussion between the “public” and a policeman, when the “public” reminds the policeman his authority comes into play only when the individual (public) has broken the law.

Unquestionably, there have been abuses of the law when applied to some blacks, this problem can be set right. But the lack of a father in a home, causes problems not so easily settled. This is a spiritual question and derives in part from men exchanging “macho” (pride over impregnation of women, the more the better) for fatherhood.

Anger by blacks, directed toward “whites” because of their supposed privilege, only heightens their problem, giving control to whites which they don’t want. The only way a black can regain control over his or her life, at this point, is to extend forgiveness for real or imagined ills.

What blacks also need to realize is that supposed “white privilege” is simply part and parcel of every culture where the idea of fatherhood is cherished and practiced.

It’s going to take a mighty move of God’s Holy Spirit to convince people of the sin of having children out of wedlock. More than this, it is a sin to have sex out of wedlock. This is where prayer needs to be offered for the church where it can again begin to call sin, “sin”. If this issue is not dealt with according to Bible principles, God will smite the earth with a curse (Malachi 4:5&6).