Episode 36: 4Patriots Solar Kettle Review

Published December 20, 2020 50 Views

Rumble Hello and welcome to Failure to Prepare! Your source for all things paranoid!

What is the purpose of this video you might ask? Myself and Mrs. Failure to prepare wanted to bring to the prepping community, a possible reliable option for heating water, for long term situations with no access to fuels or gasses. Mrs. Prepper found the 4Patriots Solar Kettle, and I agreed as she did, in theory, this was a pretty good idea. Now please keep in mind, this was our second attempt using both Kettle’s, the first time was in full, continuous sunlight, at approximately 5331 feet above sea level, and at higher elevations, the sun is typically more intense. The second test that I filmed, was overcast, which was today, so you can’t say this was done incorrectly, because in full sun for approximately 2+ hours, during the previous test, the was warm and not hot or boiling, today's test left the water as cold as when we put it in the tube.

Now my FTP disclaimer: Guys I honestly don’t like giving bad reviews, but I am not going to lie to you guys, if I spend my hard-earned money, especially in this unstable economy, for gear or equipment, I think I should be able to count on it, right? And so should you!

And if I find something that does a great job, like 100 mile an hour tape, I will let you know, if I find something that doesn’t do what it claims, or looks like it could break if someone with the “Rona” sneezes on it, I will let you know that too!