DocTV 20.12.2020 A National Revival is needed

Published December 20, 2020 787 Views

– Nations like Norway and the US are in need of a Great National Revival, not a Global Reset, says American investor, writer, and analyst, Charles Ortel. In Dagsorden International he draws our attention to how the modern slave labor in China plays into the hands of the very forces who claim to care for the well being of our world.

In today's conversation with Hans Rustad and Geir Furuseth, Ortel points out how the mainstream media of the West refuse to connect the dots.

– This is economic insanity. The MSM are running the errands of Wall Street and the Bidens. This is fraud, and we're weeks away from the biggest fraud of them all, says Ortel.

Ortel also recommends our readers and viewers to pay attention to Lee Smith's article about how the "Russia Collusion" wasn't about attacking President Trump, but to protect the Clintons. Here's another one he urges us to read:

America’s China Class Launches a New War Against Trump

The conversation has a lot of other points you shouldn't miss.

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