Why Doesn't God Stop Evil? - #015

Published December 19, 2020 188 Views

Rumble It's called the problem of evil. If God is good. And God is powerful. Why does God allow evil to continue to exist? Why doesn't He do something to stop evil? The answer is He can whenever He wishes.

There is titanic battle going on in the spiritual realm, and we are involved...everyone one of us. And there is no doubt God... who created everything by speaking it into existence, will be the victor. In fact, God could bring the battle to an end right now... instantly. With total victory and totally eliminating all evil and wickedness. So why doesn't He? The reason is because He loves you. My plan for this video was to talk about evolution suppressing the truth. BUT, we've got ourselves into the big question: why is there evil in the world?

If God is all good. If God is perfect. If God is powerful. If God hates sin, and that is a true statement, God hates sin... that's proverbs chapter 6 starting in verse 16... and God hates those who do evil... that's in both in Psalm 5 and Psalm 11... and God is all powerful... then why doesn't God do away with evil?

The answer is He will... but you don't want Him to... at least not yet.

Videos referenced in this video:

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5EPymcWp-g

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