Adorable baby sea lion makes himself at home on tour boat

Published December 19, 2020 3,377 Views $3.82 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsSea ions are the true clowns on the animal kingdom. Much alike in personality to our loveable furry companions, the dogs, these animals never cease to impress and entertain us with their antics. Descended from California sea lions, these animals inhabit almost every beach and rocky shore in the Galapagos Islands, in Ecuador.

Sea lions are not shy animals and they have no trouble coexisting closely with humans. They will approach people to beg for food, to take over their park benches, their boats, or even to reprimand them for disturbing their sleep. They constantly bark and call to each other as they gather and play in the sunshine. Even at night, their calls are constant until they settle down for a long sleep.

This is a juvenile sea lion who has found this boat to be an appealing place to rest. But he has also decided to wander the back of the ship in search of anything interesting. Young sea lions seem fascinated with people and would readily come up to a human for a treat or even a scratch on the head, if allowed. But residents of the Galapagos Islands have a very firm policy on remaining uninvolved with the animals whenever possible. There are strict laws here that require humans to keep 2m (6 feet) away from wildlife and to avoid physical contact. This works well for all concerned and they gently remind their guests that it is an important policy. As tempting as it would be to pet the animals or to feed them, it is seen as interference.

The tourists in this video can be heard speaking excitedly about the antics of this baby, and a local guide explains that it is a young California sea lion. The animal life in the Galapagos Islands is among the most unique and diverse on the planet. Many of the islanders are well versed in great details about their animals and they are happy to share their knowledge. Despite thriving populations here, the animals exist in a fragile and delicate balance. Understanding the specific and crucial roles of each animal species is a key part of protecting them.

A visit to the Galapagos Islands can be one of the most educational and exciting experiences that an adventurous traveler is likely to ever have.